Deadline for the submission of sales volume data extended

Upon requests and in order to facilitate the submission by the liable natural or legal person of the sales volume data for each product that has been notified through the EU CEG from the initial launch year until 2017, the relevant deadline is extended until the 15th of July of 2018. 

Those who have already submitted the relevant data, according to the procedures detailed in the 39190/22-05-2018 Circular of the Greek Ministry of Health, may submit corrections on the data, in the meantime.

This announcement shall be communicated through email to the addresses where the initial iformation was sent as submitted to the EU CEG.


Hellenic Ministry of Health

General Directorate fοr Public Health and Quality of Life

Directorate for Addressing Addiction and Dependences

Unit B’  – Tobacco and Other Dependences

Aristotelous 19, P.C. 10433, Athens, Greece